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Anema e Core (Heart and Soul) has been created from the love and passion for the food of Nunzia e Giuseppe. After years of experience in thier Restaurant and in the Restaurant of thier respective family in the south of the Amalfi Coast. They decided to change thier  life and the life of all the family, after a nice holiday spent here in the area. Fell in love with this place and the lovely life style, they decided to start a new walk of life here in Eastbourne with youngest son Francesco. Thier mission is to bring the flavours, the colours, the sensations and warmth of the Real Italy, using just typical products of thier beatiful land, cooked in authentic and genuine way and stand out from the stereotypes of the "Italian" restaurant out side of Italy. Here you can feel welcome and guests of a typical Italian Family.

Giuseppe, (Nunzia's Husband (Chef)) CHEF and PIZZA CHEF

First Chef and owner of Anema e Core Restaurant. Behind him many years of experience. At the age of twelve years old he started as Kitchen assistant in his parents restaurant. At 18 years old he decided to move to Rome (Italian Capital) to get a better experience in Chefing. He started as a sous chef in vairous popular restaurants at that time. After 10 years experience he decided to return to his home town, where him and his wife ran thier family restaurant. Now together all of the family run with happiness, soul and heart the Anema e Core Restaurant.


Nunzia- CHEF, Giuseppe's Wife

Nunzia owner, chef and nutritionist also grew up in the restaurant business thanks to her mother who was the owner and chef of one of the most popular restaurant in her home town.

She has been working a long side  her husband Giuseppe

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